Examples of Researches

For Pharmaceutical Industry : Head of Marketing West Africa, Brand Manager, Product Manager, Fundation President, Country Manager, Compliance Manager, FLM Manager, Market Research Director, Chief Finance Officer, Business Development Director Middle East, Medical Affairs Manager, DSI…

For Agro Industry : Plantation Director, Exploitation Director, Technical Director, Financial Director, Electronique Engineer, Agro Engineer…

For Luxury Business : Store Manager, HR Manager, e-Commerce Manager, Digital Project Manager, Product Manager and Group Manager, Designers, Head of Communication, Production Manager…

For Mining Sector : HRD, Drilling Engineer, General Manager, Electromechanical Engineer, Technical Director, Head of Materiel…

For Transport Sector : Business Development Manager Europe, Costumer Service Manager, Key Account Manager, Head of Clinical Trial Distribution...

For other Sectors, we have search Marketing Managers (Packaging), Engineer IT (IT), Head of Project Development for Senegal (AFD), Brand Manager & IS Project Manager (Tobbaco Industry)…


Today we have already searched for candidates in all these different countries

Our team

Both partners have complementary profiles, able to meet all your needs

Our competences

  • Head Hunting
  • International searches
  • Mappings
  • Expertise on Europe, on Africa and Middle East
  • Expertise Logistic, Pharma, Mining, Oil and Gas, Construction, Manufacturing,  Agri-food, IT, Retail, Luxury, Insurance
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